What is a Microsite and How can it Help my Business?

User-centric design

A microsite is a branded web page or group of webpages that exist separate from your main website. They are a great way to target a specific demographic, boost your search ranking, and promote a campaign, product, service, or event.

Audience Specific

A microsite can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific demographic — age, gender etc., while your main website remains optimized for a larger audience group.

Focus Path

A microsite eliminates the unnecessary steps of navigating through your company website. It helps give your prospects and customers a place to find information specific to the product, project or campaign you are promoting.

Search Engine Advantage

Links from from microsite back to your main website or links back to your microsite from trusted websites or blogs hugely boost your search engine ranking.

A microsite contains keyword-rich language specific to what is being promoted, which is highly valued by Google and search engines.

Quick and Easy

A microsite is easy for an outside developers to build and manage, and it doesn’t required access to the primary website, as this can be complicated, costly, and time consuming.

Cost Effective

A microsite is great if you are on a budget. They are cheaper, less cumbersome, and easier to maintain than creating a full site or incorporating a new campaign into your existing website.

The microsite can serve the purpose you need for the right price.

Microsites might be small projects, but they’re powerful campaigns.

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