Reducing the crippling costs of downtime with a server monitoring interface.


Built in React JS

Built in React JS

Server Monitoring Dashboard

The payment platform giant Paypal needed to optimise their response on server downtimes. They were having to check multiple platforms for critical information such as health, security, downtimes etc. Scattered data makes it difficult to promptly take action.

Onsite in San Jose, GrahamAgency worked across internal cloud teams to understand the problems, data sources, user, and objectives. We delivered a series of user experience UX designs and coded the front-end of an interface. All server critical monitoring data in one central dashboard.

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Paypal UX / UI Designs

User Experience Designs and Frontend Development

User Centric. Design Thinking Methodology. React JS. Material UI.

The users in the case were the internal development staff that made regular deployments. After a deployment was made, the team needed to see straight away if problems arose.

Having this server health information scattered across different platforms was problematic.

Frontend designers and developers - React JS, Material UI

GrahamAgency delivered a series of User Experience Designs including Personas, User Journeys, Wire framing, and User Interface. We then prototyped the design giving the cloud team the opportunity to interact with the design and facilitate collaboration. In Addition, we developed a frontend using React JS . This solution enabled easy monitoring allowing prompt actioning on critical issues.