Think iTunes in your browser controlling a stereo somewhere else. A dynamic dashboard User Interface design and build.

A web interface for Kodi

Kodi (also known as XBMC) is an open source media player very much like iTunes and can be installed on anything from a HDMI TV stick to your Desktop PC.

We delivered Chorus, a beautiful modern mobile friendly User Interface UI and enhanced user experience for the Kodi media player, used by millions to remotely control the video on your TV and the audio from your stereo. All via a web browser.

A web interface for Kodi and XBMC

The XBMC User Interface UI Problem

The problem was the user interface UI. It was designed for much larger screens. As being open source, GrahamAgency’s very own Jeremy decided to do some customizing and reworked the code to work on a mobile device. This then turned into an obsession, resulting in a full rework of the Kodi interface that is now used by millions as a preferred interface experience.

A cross-platform, responsive, and beautiful solution

GrahamAgency believes in giving back to the global community of developers and users, sharing our work and knowledge so others can benefit and be educated.

From github:

A nice modern Web UI for your XBMC. Browse your Music, Movies or TV Shows from the comfort of your own web browser. You can play media via XBMC or stream it in your browser. Works best with Chrome but plays well with most modern browsers. Used by the Doghouse Media Team to control the shared office music box (an old pc running XBMC with chorus, plugged into an amp and a NAS)